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Proposed Resolution
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N/A Draft Health Care Reporting Amendment Act of 2019 03.22.19
N/A Draft Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Support Act of 2019 03.20.19
N/A Draft Designation of Street Names on Lots 6, 8, and 9 in Square E-1112 and Part of Reservation 13 Emergency Act of 2019 03.07.19
N/A Bill Collective Bargaining Agreement between the District of Columbia Department of Health, Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, Department on Disability Services, Department of Health Care Finance, Child and Family Services Agency, Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (Compensation Unit 13) and the District of Columbia Nurses Association Approval Resolution of 2019 03.05.19
N/A Draft Compensation Agreement between the District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health and District of Columbia Nurses Association Approval Resolution of 2019 02.28.19
N/A Draft Compensation and Working Conditions Agreement Between Office of the State Superintendent of Education Division of Student Transportation and American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees District Council 20, Local 1959, AFL-CIO 02.28.19
N/A Draft Community Health Investment Act of 2019 02.14.19
23-79 Bill Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment Act of 2019 02.13.19
23-21 Bill Randall School Museum and Housing Development Real Property Tax Abatement Act of 2019 02.13.19
N/A Draft Old Hardy School Disposition and Lease Approval Emergency Amendment Act of 201902.11.19 02.11.19
N/A Draft Polystyrene Food Service and Loose Fill Packaging Prohibition Amendment Act of 2019 01.31.19
N/A Draft Police Officer Retention Emergency Amendment Act of 2019 01.30.19
N/A Draft Unfair Insurance Trade Practices Enhancement Amendment Act of 2019 01.30.19
23-25 Bill Sports Wagering Procurement Practices Reform Exemption Act of 2018 01.29.19
N/A Draft Bryant Street Tax Increment Financing Emergency Amendment Act of 2019 01.18.19
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