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Proposed Resolution
Title* Document
23-148 Bill Transportation Benefits Equity Amendment Act of 2020 01.27.20
23-507 Bill Poison Center Designation Act of 2020 01.24.20
N/A Draft Interest Arbitration Award and Collective Bargaining Agreement between the District of Columbia Public Schools and Office of the State Superintendent of Education and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, District Council 20, Local 2921, AFL-CIO Emergency Approval Resolution of 2020 01.23.20
N/A Draft Compensation Agreement between Department of Behavioral Health and the Psychologists Union of the Department of Behavioral Health, Metropolitan District 1199DC, National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees, American Federation of State, Local and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, Chapter 3758 Emergency Approval Resolution of 2020 01.22.20
23-434 Bill Strengthening Reproductive Health Protections Amendment Act of 2020 01.22.20
23-35 Bill False Claims Amendment Act of 2020 01.21.20
23-130 Bill District of Columbia Office of Resilience and Recovery Establishment Act of 2020 01.21.20
23-68 Bill Bishop Sherman S. Howard Way Designation Act of 2020 01.17.20
23-366 Bill Zaire Kelly Park Designation Act of 2020 01.17.20
23-327 Bill James E. Bunn Amphitheater Designation Act of 2020 01.17.20
23-215 Bill Security Breach Protection Amendment Act of 2020 01.17.20
23-564 Bill Freedom Forum, Inc. Real Property Tax Exemption and Equitable Real Property Amendment Act of 2020 01.15.20
N/A Draft Howard Road Disposition Approval Resolution of 2020 01.14.20
23-189 Bill Credit Union Act of 2020 01.09.20
N/A Draft Urban Renewal Plan for the Shaw School Urban Renewal Area and Downtown Urban Renewal Area Termination Approval Resolution of 2020 01.08.20
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